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phoenixmackenzie: what's your best advice on healing a broken heart?


being heartbroken is a strange, desperate feeling. my friend described it as this: when you end a relationship, you’re left with all these free-wheeling touchy feelies that you don’t know where to direct since they were all just wrapped around one person. you’re going to have to get used to the idea that for a while, you’re going to be running around with all these tender spots. as if your body is an exposed bone. very vulnerable to sunlight. very vulnerable to touch. to wind. to all of it. after i broke up with my last boy-person, for a couple of weeks i felt my body like a little pond. every once in a while a feeling rises to surface for air. a leaf would fall on me and my entire body would ripple. imagine the damage that skipping rocks did. every once in a while something would happen that would wreak havoc on my emotions. a small bird flew to my window one morning and i couldn’t open it up to give the little blue jay some bread, & as if it were feeding time at a fucking koi pond, all the fish flit with their sharp fins to the surface and i was just a watery, sloshy mess of person. the mirage of calm water broke and all of a sudden i was laying on my couch with my face pressed into the cushions’ butt crack with a blanket over my face because i couldn’t take anything at all. i don’t know about you, but when grief comes into my life it brings all of its friends with it. i’m a happy person until i am a mourning widow. the dead husband being nineteen years of existing. 

in other words, a bird made me cry. 

yo. heartbreak is hard, and you’re talking to someone who gets a kick out of letting herself feel all of the diddly-doos and drops of life. let yourself feel through it. don’t suppress your sadness, your loneliness. learn from it. try to understand that wild creature, those dark horses that are running through you unbridled. let yourself feel through every low so that you can reach the high, and vice versa. be sad, and be okay with being sad over someone, because there will be a moment where you will be walking down the street in a few days or a few weeks, and you’ll see petals strewn underneath all the trees on the sidewalk, and the air will feel like a sweet mouth against your mouth, and you’ll find yourself suddenly grinning with your arms open, and all of your touchy-feelies have returned back to your body, and you will have gained yourself back - after however long you did not belong to yourself - and you’ll realize that you’re whole again, that you’re you again, and that is a breath that will mean so much when it comes. 

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Well then how can I decline

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El Pintor hands.

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One more fave from last night: @ynnsphilippakis + @harrisonkoisser. #sleek // @poonehghana

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302,341 notes → "Perhaps the fact
that I chased a boy
who ripped me to shreds
says a lot more
about me
than it did about him." -Michelle K., Lessons Learned (via shessthunderstorms)

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Paul Banks of Interpol during the filming of “All The Rage Back Home” in Brooklyn.

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The Killing Moon by Echo & the Bunnymen
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Salt Art

(Shawn van Eeden)



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So this is my first and only snp. Even though I made some mistakes I absolutely love it. 

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Peace at Ahmad Tea Music Festival, Moscow x

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“Lo que mucha gente llama amar consiste en elegir una mujer y casarse con ella. La eligen, te lo juro, los he visto. Como si se pudiera elegir en el amor, como si no fuera un rayo que te parte los huesos y te deja estaqueado en la mitad del patio. Vos dirás que la eligen porque-la-aman, yo creo que es al vesre. A Beatriz no se la elige, a Julieta no se la elige. Vos no elegís la lluvia que te va a calar hasta los huesos cuando salís de un concierto.”

-Julio Córtazar-

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Interpol bei ihrem Konzert letzte Woche im Postbahnhof.

[Foto: Helge Mundt]

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173,938 notes → "How long they choose to love you will never be your decision." -

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this makes my heart hurt a bit

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